Planning. It’s boring, right?

I mean, how do you want to be remembered? Spontaneous, free spirited, impromptu, flexible, creative. That all sounds kind of fun. That’s an interesting person, surely. The kind of person that gets invited to parties. The person who has a good time.

What’s the alternative? Planned, programmed, constrained, business-like, systematic, by-the-book. That all sounds a bit beige, safe, boring!!!!

Of course it sounds like that! That’s how we’ve been programmed. When you were at school, did you really want to be the class swot? Or was it about hanging out with the in-crowd? What about your career? That girl who’s set on making it through the glass ceiling by the age of 27. She’s scary right, so career focussed she’s missing the chance to actually live. We’re kind of lead to believe that’s not something to aspire to. So, we leave our options open, go with the flow, planning will restrict us.

How’s that approach to life working for you? Are you happy? Is it taking you to where you want to be?

Let me take you for a quick stroll down memory lane. One of my all-time favourite films. Julia Roberts sweeps Richard Gere off his feet. Remember her character, Vivian:

“I’m actually….no I’m not a planner. I would say I’m a kinda fly by the seat of your pants gal, you know, moment to moment. Yeah, that’s me…”

How well was that really working for Vivian? Yes, she ended up with the multi-millionaire. But it was very much a fairy tale story. And that was right at the end of the fairy tale. At the time the quotes comes in to play, Vivian could not pay the rent, was colouring in the heels of her boots with a marker pen and owning a small patch of sidewalk on a seedy street in Los Angeles, clutching a handful of extra strength condoms.

How does that compare with where you are right now? If you’re happy and you have everything you want in your life right now, I’m delighted!!! That’s how life should be. But for many people, that’s not the reality. That lack of plan tends to translate to lack of focus. Without a plan there’s much more chance that time will get away from you. That you’ll get lost down a social-media rabbit hole, that you end up binge-watching Netflix. That’s ok if it’s genuinely making you happy. But if you’re not happy with that, something needs to change.

There are alternatives if you’re willing to open your mind and consider them.

Planning doesn’t have to be so uncool that you won’t even contemplate it.

You don’t have to jump straight from Bart to Lisa Simpson. How about taking a first step? You could start by at least working out the destination. Start to plan what you REALLY want from life. You can still be flexible about how you get there.

There’s no point being so cool that you’re unhappy.

If you’re feeling brave, why not have a look at how I might help with that?